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Harry Potter 6

Harry Potter 6 Pushed Back to Summer '09!

Whut. Whut. WHUT.

How ... ? Why ... ? Gerbil ... ?



I feel like I'm going to throw up, but I don't know why. I don't think I've eaten anything weird today - although I did go to a preeetty dodgy Gloria Jeans, so that might be why ...


Here is a list of what subjects I would like to do in VCE next year. Note: I may change my mind, or the subject mightn't be offered, or else I won't be allowed to do two 3/4s.

*French 1/2
*Legal Studies 1/2
*Literature 1/2
*International Politics 1/2
*Psychology 3/4
*History: Revolutions 3/4

As you can see, these are all humanities subjects. People keep telling me that I should chose some maths or sciences (Psychology hardly counts as a science) but I don't care. None of the uni courses I want to get into involve Maths or Science, plus those are the two subjects that stress me out the most, and that I get the lowest marks in. If I chose them, it would be a lose/lose situation.


Maths test results today. 61%, I don't even care, because I've decided not to do maths in VCE.

Actually, that's a lie. Of course I care. I care because I studied so hard and got such a crap mark. I care because I thought I did ok. I care because my friend, who didn't start or finish the chapter, got only two marks less than me.

And the next person who tells me that I should do maths in VCE to 'Keep my options open' will be dead. Big time.

Also, I'm really annoyed with my other friend. She got a really good mark, but she still complained about it. She pranced around the classroom whinging 'All the mistakes I made were so stupid, I can't believe I made them, I'm so dumb.'

She has an A average in Maths (So far this semester, I have a C), but she still complains because it's a 'Low A' average, meaning that it's in the 80s and not the 90s. Last semester, I was lucky is my average was in the 60s and she would come up to me and ask 'Eugh, why am I so dumb?'. I don't know what she expected, pity or reassurance or whatever, because she knew I was doing far worse than her. I merely stayed silent and smiled slightly, to show that I was not interested in the least.

Actually, I think she was waiting for me to say 'You're not dumb, look at how badly I went.' She clearly regards herself as waaaaay smarter than me, and maybe she is. Actually, I know one thing. I'm better at English than her. Her latest story was so bad, so full of clichés and the ending was terrible.

One time, in maths, I got the same mark as her. She tried to hide it, but I could tell she was actually upset. I, of course, was ecstatic at how well I went - I never do well in maths! Every time I brought it up, she would smile and say 'Yeah, well you used your calculator for most of it.' Actually, every time I get a good mark in something, or the same mark as her, she makes up an excuse for it! For example, I went better than her on a geography test and she said 'Well, you copied off me then made the rest up.' I did not copy off her not on single tiny bit, but I knew no one would believe me, as I had made it quite clear to everyone just how much I despised Geography. I knew that if I'd said 'Actually, it was all my work' people would think that I'd copied off her and lied about it, so instead I'd had to laugh and say 'Yeah, isn't that funny?'.

I think her problem is that she has this need to be better than everyone else and to prove that she's better. For instance, whenever we have a French test, she always races ahead and then checks to see where everyone else is up to. I think that she needs to prove herself to people because of her parents. Her mother barely pays any attention to her, unless it's to ask her to do something for her. I think my friend desperately wants some attention from her parents, and thinks that the best way to do this would be to be better at school, to be the best, to beat everyone else, and inside her head it's turned into this competition, which she has to win.

Sorry about that rant, but I needed to get this out, and I can't say this to my friends or else they'll think I'm a bitch.


Have spent past three days in Sydney.

Am exhausted.

Went to all the big places: The Opera House, the Bridge, Toronga Zoo, Bondi ...

Flight home was delayed two hours plus we arrived at airport one-and-a-half hours early, so am very happy to be home. Will write more soon.


Notes on the French exchange

I was just thinking about the French exchange, and a few things struck me.

First was how much better at English my Frenchie is than I am at French. For instance, she knew what the word 'dermatologist' meant, without anyone having to tell her. She's practically fluent!

Secondly, despite the teachers telling us this constantly, I never fully realised that you actually do spend every waking hour with your exchange student. You want to go to the shops, they come with you, you want to see an old friend, they come with you, you want to go for a walk, they come with you ... Hell, you want to go to the bathroom, they come with you!

It's not that Frenchie isn't nice or anything, it's just that sometimes, the awkward silences are too hard to bear. It's hard to think of new and exciting things to talk about. One of my friends whom is also going on the exchange manages to slip into conversation with her girl so so so easily, it's amazing.

My third observation is this: they are the best excuse.

'Why were you away?'

'I have a French exchange student.'

'Why didn't you do your homework?'

'I have a French exchange student.'

'Why did you duck when I passed you the ball?'

'I have a French exchange student.'

dun nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh BATMAN!

This is an actual panel from an actual Batman comic. It made me laugh.


Writer's Block: To me, LiveJournal is...

What does LiveJournal mean to you? Has that changed since you started your LiveJournal account?

Um, a place where I can vent without people whom I care about thinking I'm bitchy? Yep, that's just about right.

I don't even care if no one reads these, it makes me feel better just to say some of this stuff.


Things are improving chez moi. My French exchange student is really nice, and although there are still periods of awkwardly long silences, we have had a few good conversations (she might be taking me to Spain when I'm over in France! SPAIN!). I wish things were going better at school.

One of my friends keeps really bugging me. You know how people tease each other and say things like 'You're fat!' and don't mean it? Like it's all a joke? Well, my friends keeps doing it, all the time. It's like, I know that she's joking but sometimes ... well, even if it isn't true, it still hurts a little bit. Also, it's getting really annoying. I feel like I can't get away with anything, like I get a question wrong and it's 'Ha ha, you're dumb!' or I eat a donut and it's 'Maybe you should slow down, the school doesn't have enough money to widen the corridors again.'

I think the reason she's being like this is a constant need for self-validation. Her home life isn't exactly the best. I've noticed that she always seems to feel the need to please her mother, always buying her presents, telling her how well she got in a test. Her parents make her do the cooking and the cleaning as well as general cleaning of the house. I think that her constantly attacking me is her way of letting off steam, because she does seem to have a lot on her plate.

I guess, maybe I should just let her get away with it?

PS I love my new userpic =D

French Student

Ok, I'm so scared. I have a french exchange student staying in my house at the moment, and she's only just arrived and I have no idea what to say to her. It's not that her English isn't good, it's more that, well, what do you say in these situations.

'Hi! You've never met me before, but welcome to my house! You'll be staying here for six weeks.'